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A Sister Circle is about women coming together to celebrate, support and empower a sister. It's about deepening connections and bringing back ritual and ceremony into our everyday lives. A Sister Circle can be organised to celebrate a friend for a birthday, a going away, during times of hardship when support is needed or times of transition when it is vital to connect deeply and honour a sister. 

After realising that there is a deep desire for women to come together and deeply connect, we have lovingly tailored a kit with everything you need, including a simple step-by-step guide to host your own.

Kit Includes 

- One large Rose Quartz crystal generator (the feminine crystal of the heart and of unconditional love) for the center of the circle and mandala. 

- Smaller clear quartz pieces (calmness and clarity) for your crystal centre piece mandala.

- Floral smudge stick to burn and cleanse

- Salt ritual kit. This includes

-Rose infused bath salts.                                    

-Infusing herb and essential oils to bring about peace, unity and connection with others.

- Clear quartz bracelet for the Gratitude ritual 

- "I am present" essential oil blend in a perfume roller bottle for the introduction/grounding ritual. 

- guided meditation

- clear quartz pieces for closing ritual.

- plant dyed muslin cloth for your centrepiece. 

- Gratitude bracelet for gratitude ritual. 

- "Energy Support" vibrational flower essence

- "Take a moment" essential oil mist 

- Clear and easy to follow instructions. Our Hosting guide covers everything you need to know about hosting your own event, from start to finish and all the magic in-between.