A women's circle hosted by Sisters And The Sea in Byron Bay


What is a women’s circle? Why do we sit in circle? What happens in a circle? 

Whether celebrating a woman’s journey into motherhood, or aligning with the moon cycle for release and manifestation - in all circles, we come together to bless the journey ahead, share, reflect, release and feel the empowerment of connection and love through ritual.

To sit in circle is to come home to what was always there, it is a familiar and kind place. It is a space to go within and be supported without. We believe to sit in circle is the most natural and significant thing a women can do.

As facilitators we allow women to feel, we create an intentional space through authenticity and love that allows for women to show up as their unconditioned selves.

Each circle is different, for private events we communicate beforehand and tailor your women’s circle to you and your guests. For example, our signature ritual for the Bride is the divine salt ritual. Here a salt mix is passed around the circle while each woman adds a sprinkle of herbs and a blessing, infusing the salt with heartfelt intentions. The salt mix is then given to the Bride to be used in a salt bath before the Wedding night. In ticketed events the circle is designed around a theme or purpose, the purpose of the circle is to create a space of alignment that allows for deeper exploring of  the theme, through connection to self and sisterhood.