Meet Nicole

Naturopath Nicole Farrell is S&TS's founding director, mother to 3 boys, a surfer, yogi and passionate natural living advocate.

Nicole founded S&TS 4 years ago when her own health journey and her motherhood journey collided and the deep need for greater self care and support for all women could not be ignored.  

S&TS was born out of Nicole's passion to empower and support women, her dedication to community and her deep love for the healing powers of nature. 

Say hello to Holly

Holly is the princess of holistic events. She creates intentional and powerful experiences of heart-centred sisterly love.

Coming from an extensive background in weddings, Holly has expanded the Sister And The Sea event experience to include the unique offering of self-care events that support and nourish all women, through all phases and walks of life.

She is passionate about creating spaces where women feel safe and supported to show up as exactly who they are.

She is gentle, kind and interacts with the world with curiosity, warmth and love.