What we create

Welcome to Sisters & the Sea.

S&TS is made up of Nicole & Kelly. We're two naturopaths and mums (and real life sisters, although we look nothing alike), who love what we do, what we create and who we create it for (You!).

With thoughtfully crafted products we create care boxes to help new mother, pregnant women, depleted mothers, all mothers and women feel supported, cared for, nourished and nurtured. 

Because it takes a village to raise a mother! And if mothers are happy. nurtured and nourished, families are happy, nurtured and nourished and then we are all much better off.  

Yes, motherhood is exhausting. But what's more exhausting is to nurture in a world that doesn't prioritise the care and support of mothers. 

So we decided to turn this around, one gift box at a time (add a meal drop and some folded laundry and make a mama's year!)

Get to know us better


Meet Nicole

Naturopath Nicole Farrell is S&TS's founding director, mother to 3 boys, a surfer, yogi and passionate natural living advocate. Nicole has spent over 10 years working with women- empowering, educating and supporting them on their unique journey from fertility to motherhood and beyond. S&TS was born out of Nicole's passion to provide essential and practical solutions to support mother's and to keep the conversation about mothers long after the last antenatal check up. 

My story...

A year after my second pregnancy I was diagnosed with Postnatal Depletion.

I'd cruised through my first pregnancy, popped out a baby and got straight back into life. I was determined to bounce back, to get out and about straightaway and to maintain my old life while parenting like a natural. 

During my second pregnancy things started to unravel. I developed Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP) and was suddenly on the rollercoaster ride of high risk pregnancies, tests, statistics, anxiety and fear. 

Eight months after the birth of my second baby boy i fell pregnant again. This time the pregnancy resulted in a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, 2 blood transfusions and a stint in intensive care. 

But I still didn't stop. I was a Mum, I had a baby to breastfeed (while in an intensive care bed), healthy meals to cook, mother's group meeting to attend.

I didn't stop until I couldn't go on anymore, till I was crippled with anxiety and depression and literally couldn't get out of bed. I'd depleted all my stores and had nothing left to give. My adrenals were shot, my iron, zinc, B12 and magnesium were low, while my copper was high (hello overwhelm, anxiety, depression and inflammation!) And that was just to start with.

My story isn't uncommon, and I know many women have been through far more than I have. But I tell it in the hope that it may help others. It seems like a lifetime ago, a different time. A time when the support and self care of mothers wasn't at the forefront of anyones mind, when it was all about the baby and parents were expected to figure it all out on their own without any support from their extended family or 'village'. 

We've come along way in a short time and I'm proud that S&TS has been part of this very important self care movement for Mothers. 


Say hello to Kelly

Naturopath Kelly Ciura is mother to two boys, whole foodie and women's hormone and health specialist. After a long and turbulent fertility journey, Kelly immersed herself fully in women's health education and research and has became dedicated to supporting women during preconception, pregnancy, postpartum and well into motherhood.