Sisters And The Sea - Care Packages For Women

What we create

Welcome to Sisters & the Sea, we are so happy to connect with you.

In the world we live, connection with ourselves is so valuable, and too often not a priority. We want you to choose yourself and connect with the beauty, wisdom and gentleness that is your truth.

Four years ago S&TS was birthed from the intention of honouring the sacred transitions of womanhood and sharing the empowering possibility of sisterhood.

We offer love through naturopathic products that support the phases of pregnancy and womanhood.

We have hand crafted and designed ritual and gift boxes that support our vision, for women to reconnect with gentleness and indulge in self-love.

We see our products as an opportunity to slow down, find presence and choose self-care.

Our conscious events use ritual and sisterhood to further our connection to ourselves and our journey of womanhood.

Something very special happens when women unite with a shared intention of love and openness.

Why we care and why this matters

As women, we are intuitively aligned with a deep connection to our natural cycles and progressions of our lifetime.

In our culture, it has become expected that we experience our most significant milestones of womanhood with conventional celebration.

Through our time on this earth we will experience and witness the great joys of childbearing, of complete devotion to another, of sacred sisterhood, of community, and growing older with wisdom.

Our offering to you is an experience to honour your journey through the phases of life however big or small with an experience of conscious celebration and sacredness.

We hold space for you to align, to cherish your womanhood, and reground your experience by connecting with yourself and your sisterhood through less-conventional, nourishing and wholehearted experience.