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Affirmation cards for Pregnancy and Birth- Seasons of Mama

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Seasons of Mama affirmation cards are designed to help you re-program any limiting beliefs, negative inner narratives, anxieties and fears. In doing so, allowing you to actualise your dreams and your goals!  A must for the hospital bag and for your preparations in the lead up. 

The set includes 31 cards, each with their own hand-drawn illustrations, packaged in a Seasons of Mama branded calico bag. They also now include two blank affirmation cards for you to include your own affirmation/mantra or perhaps an older sibling would like to create one for you in the form of words or pictures. Handcrafted and locally made timber stand also included for you to display cards in. 

This set is perfect for:

• A Mama preparing and strengthening her body-mind for labour and birth

• A gorgeous baby shower or Blessingway/mama blessing gift for an expectant Mama

Designed to empower women to birth their babies in a calm and confident way, however it may unfold. Women are incredible and sometimes they just need a little reminding exactly how so

Your very own little pocket doula - as featured in Mama Disrupt Magazine. 

100% proudly Aussie Made