What is a Sisters and the Sea event? 

We host and facilitate a space of complete nurturance and openness that is uniquely designed around the intentions and cause of the event. We invite you, to consciously connect and reground your experience of womanhood through connecting with your sisterhood. 

We create and facilitate both personalised experiences and conscious ticketed events. This allows us to share our love with all women.

Each event is a combination of a workshop or experience, heartfelt nourishment of food and the special inclusion of coming together in a circle.

Our events are based on the truth that each of us have our own fears and our own doubts but we also have our own brilliance and our own gifts, and that is deeply unifying. We are all the same and we are all on a path of healing, and our circle is our container for healing. It is a place where we get to shed our masks and show up as who we are in this moment and we are all deserving of that.

The essence of sisters & the sea is the foundation of all events, our purpose and presence is felt through everything we create, from the welcoming to the styling, to our event sustainability practices, to the locally sourced and exquisite feasting options. Each detail has been meticulously designed with integrity.

It is important to us that our purpose expands through all details of our celebrations. We uphold this integrity by selectively integrating workshops and experiences that operate from a place of mutual values and understanding.

We’ve collaborated with deeply talented, unique, and empowering facilitators to bring you the highest quality and most memorable experiences. These creative humans are wholesomely creating the most, innovative, and inspiring workshops for women in the shire.

When co-creating with vendors we’ve maintained alignment with the entire, desired experience of our clients. We’ve considered who you are, what you care about, and how you want to feel. 

Who is this for?

Ticketed events are for all, you can come along on your own or with your girlfriends, regardless, you will be welcomed in with open arms.

If you desire to host a private gathering, we blossom an event or retreat that serves your desire and nourishes the whole self. Whether you’re a soon to be mama, bride-to-be, approaching a birthday, a personal or professional milestone, or simply desire to connect with your girlfriends in a unique and wholesome way.